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Smith Corona Silent Super (Coral Pink) Typewriter

Smith Corona Silent Super (Coral Pink) Typewriter

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Introducing the 1950s Smith Corona Silent Super Typewriter, a charming Coral Pink vintage classic with a matte crinkle finish. This typewriter beautifully combines aesthetics with functionality, reflecting a time when craftsmanship and elegance were paramount.

The Coral Pink Smith Corona Silent Super invites you to experience an era when every keystroke was a purposeful act of creation. With its timeless design and matte crinkle finish, it exudes character and charm.

Writers, collectors, and enthusiasts will appreciate this typewriter's perfect blend of style and performance. It includes its original case for protection and easy transport and has been meticulously serviced, ensuring optimal performance. A new ribbon is installed, making it ready to accompany you on your writing journey. Immerse yourself in a time when writing was an art form, and let this vintage beauty be your muse.

Make: Smith Corona
Model: Silent Super
Country of Manufacture: USA
Year of Manufacture: ​1950s
Serial Number: 
Condition: Excellent
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