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Looking for the perfect typewriter or need some expert advice? We've got you covered with two great options:

1. COVID-Friendly In-Person Visit:
Set up a safe and personalized in-store appointment with us. Explore, purchase, rent, or repair typewriters. We're here to assist you in person while following COVID guidelines.

2. Virtual Typewriter Consultation:
Can't make it in person? No worries! Schedule a video call with us. We'll guide you through our typewriters, explain their history, show you how they work, and help you find the perfect match.

Our Services:
- History and significance of each typewriter.
- Hands-on comparison to find the right fit.
- Step-by-step typewriter tutorials.
- Cleaning, maintenance, and ribbon installation.
- Typewriter rentals for your creative endeavors.

Book your typewriter experience NOW, whether for in person or virtually. We're here to make your typewriter journey a breeze.