Rent A Typewriter

Rent Authentic Typewriters for Your Event or Production

At Toronto Typewriters, we're your go-to source for typewriter rentals. Whether it's for movies, TV shows, private functions, weddings, public events, store displays, photoshoots, or any creative endeavor, we've got you covered.

Our offerings include:

Clean and Working Machines: Rent our typewriters in top-notch condition, ready for your specific event or production.

On-site Support: We provide on-site assistance for setup, operation, and education. We'll ensure that your team or guests are well-informed about these timeless machines.

Authentic Typing Experience: We're here to uphold the authenticity of your event or production, making sure that typewriters play a meaningful role.

Let's make your event or production unique and memorable with the charm of vintage typewriters. Get in touch with us to discuss how Toronto Typewriters can elevate your typewriter rental experience.