Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you open for in-store shopping?
- As of November 2023, we are OPEN by appointment only Monday-Friday 11am-5pm.

2. Do you offer refunds if I don't like my typewriter?
- All sales are final. Typewriters are antique machines, and we encourage customers to test them at our workshop before purchase.

3. Do you offer typewriter rentals?
- Yes, we offer typewriter rentals for select machines. Contact us for details on individual rentals and larger-scale movie rentals.

4. Do you ship overseas?
- Yes, we do ship to various countries. Shipping costs vary depending on the destination. Please contact us for specific requirements.

5. How much is shipping within Canada?
- Within Canada, we charge approximately $30.00 to ship a machine and $2.00 for a ribbon, using Canada Post.

6. Do you offer payment plans?
- No, we do not currently offer payment plans, but we have machines listed for every budget on our website.

7. How long will a ribbon last?
- A ten-meter ribbon should last around 180,000 words.

8. Do ribbons come in different colors?
- Yes, we have black/red, black, purple, and even blue ribbons available.

9. What types of paper can I use with my machine?
- You can use 20-24lbs paper or craft paper, but avoid using extremely thick materials like cardboard unless the machine manual specifies.

10. Will you teach me how to use the typewriter?
- We offer in-store guidance as part of the purchasing process and are happy to help

11. Do you offer instructional videos?
- Yes, we have a schedule of instructional videos coming soon, which will be available through our newsletter.

12. Where can I buy your machines?
- Our machines are available for purchase by appointment at our workshop and online.

13. How do I install my ribbon?
- We provide detailed steps for ribbon installation. Check our website for instructions or use blunt tweezers for a cleaner installation.

14. How do I know the age of my machine?
- We research each machine and provide information on our website. Online typewriter enthusiast resources are also helpful for identifying the age.

15. Where is the '1' key on my machine?
- The location of the '1' key varies, and some machines use the lowercase 'l' in its place.

16. Where is the exclamation point on my machine?
- Some machines may not have an exclamation point. You can create one using period (.), backspace, and shift + 8 on your keyboard.

17. How do I open my typewriter case?
- Many cases have a release button on the clasp. If your case doesn't have a key, press the release button on either side to open it.

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