Typewriter Service By Mail

Ready to give your typewriter the care it deserves but don't live close enough to us to bring it in?

Fill out our Service Request Form, and entrust your beloved machine to Toronto Typewriters' expert hands. Simply mail your typewriter to us, and our skilled team will provide comprehensive servicing, ensuring it returns to you in prime condition. Streamline the process and revive your typewriter's glory-because every keystroke matters. 

Follow these simple steps to initiate the servicing of your typewriter:

1. Fill Out the Service Request Form:

  • Complete the Mail In Service Request Form BELOW. Provide accurate information about your typewriter and the services you require.

2. Capture & Upload Photos:

  • Take clear pictures of the front, back, and both sides of your typewriter. Ensure the images showcase any existing issues or areas of concern.

3. Upload Photos:

  • Upload the photos directly to the Service Request Form. This helps our team assess the condition and determine the necessary repairs or maintenance.

4. Packing Guide:

  • Follow our comprehensive packing guide, available on our website, to ensure your typewriter is securely packed for transit. Proper packing helps prevent any damage during shipping.

Self-Packing Option:

  • If you prefer to pack your typewriter yourself, carefully follow the provided packing guide. Make sure to include all necessary details, such as your contact information and a printed copy of the Service Request Form.

UPS Store Option:

  • Alternatively, take your typewriter and the completed Service Request Form to your local UPS Store for Packing & Shipping Services. They can professionally pack your typewriter for secure transportation to our service center.

7. Ship it to Toronto Typewriters:

  • Ship your typewriter, whether self-packed or packed at the UPS Store, to Toronto Typewriters (address below):

     PO BOX 99900 MK 102 137



8. Await Confirmation:

  • Once your typewriter arrives at our receiving center, our team will confirm receipt and begin the assessment and servicing process.

9. Completion & Return:

  • After your typewriter has been serviced/repaired we will contact you with an update on the servicing, provide the final invoice, any pictures, and provide shipping cost prior to shipping it back. 
  • Your typewriter would be safely re-packed and shipped back to you with tracking so you know exactly when it will arrive!

    Revive the magic of your typewriter with Toronto Typewriters' expert service. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support team.

    Thank you for choosing Toronto Typewriters for your typewriter service needs! 

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