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Olympia SM8 (Cursive) Typewriter

Olympia SM8 (Cursive) Typewriter

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Introducing the Olympia SM8 Typewriter, a captivating mid-1960s vintage gem from West Germany, in a striking two-tone white and grey design. What makes this typewriter truly unique is its elegant cursive or script typeface, a rarity among typewriters.

  • Brand: Olympia
  • Model: SM8
  • Country of Origin: West Germany
  • Year of Manufacture: 1960s
  • Serial Number: XXXXXXXX
  • Color: White/Gray
  • Includes Case: Yes
  • Ribbon Type: Single/Bi-Chrome (2 Colour)

The Olympia SM8 harks back to an era when personal correspondence was an art form. Writers like Maya Angelou, Truman Capote, and Kurt Vonnegut used typewriters like this to infuse character and artistry into their prose. The cursive typeface adds an unparalleled touch of elegance to your writing.

For collectors and writers, the Olympia SM8 is a prized possession and a gateway to the lost art of creative letter writing. Its beauty and historical value make it a treasured addition to collections, while its unique typeface offers writers a chance to revive the charm of handwritten correspondence.

Embrace the past and revive the art of creative letter writing with the Olympia SM8 Typewriter. It's not just a tool; it's a symbol of elegance and a tribute to the golden age of personal expression through the written word.

Additional Notations: Typewriter paper shield has a bit of discolouration on the right side.

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