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Olympia SM2 (Green) Typewriter

Olympia SM2 (Green) Typewriter

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Introducing the Green Olympia SM2 Typewriter, a timeless treasure hailing from the early 1950s in West Germany. This iconic machine, with its crinkle finish, is more than just a typewriter; it's a testament to a bygone era of craftsmanship and the gateway to creative expression. 

  • Brand: Olympia
  • Model: SM2
  • Country of Origin: West Germany
  • Year of Manufacture: 1950s
  • Serial Number: XXXXXXXX
  • Color: Green Matte Foil/Crinkle with Chrome Trim
  • Includes Case: Yes
  • Ribbon Type: Single or Bi-Chrome (2 Colour)

The Olympia SM2's distinctive crinkle finish sets it apart as a work of art, echoing the spirit of an age when manufacturing was about precision, attention to detail, and creating objects built to last. This typewriter is not just a tool; it's a piece of history, reminding us of a time when quality and aesthetics were harmoniously blended into one beautiful package.

"SM" in Olympia SM2 stands for "Schreibmaschine," the German word for "typewriter." And true to its name, this typewriter was a symbol of excellence in its time. It was a tool that inspired countless writers to craft their stories, and it still beckons to new writers and collectors today.

Writers like Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams, and Arthur Miller found inspiration in the rhythmic percussion of keys on typewriters like the Olympia SM2. These machines were the instruments of creativity, where thoughts flowed onto paper, one keystroke at a time. The Olympia SM2 has witnessed the birth of literary classics, infusing each page with its own unique charm.

For new writers, the Olympia SM2 offers a unique experience, transcending the digital age. The tactile feedback, the rhythmic clatter of keys, and the tangible permanence of ink on paper create a connection between your thoughts and your work that modern technology simply cannot replicate. This typewriter becomes your creative partner, encouraging your muse to dance freely across the page.

For collectors, the Olympia SM2 is a cherished relic, an object of fascination that encapsulates an era of design and engineering excellence. It's a slice of history, waiting to be discovered and admired in all its vintage glory.

Whether you're a new writer seeking to reconnect with the roots of creativity or a collector with an appreciation for classic craftsmanship, the Olympia SM2 Typewriter is a symbol of an era when writing was an art. Let its timeless beauty guide your creative journey, and allow the clatter of its keys to inspire your words, just as it did for the literary greats of yesteryears.

Make: Olympia
Model: SM2
Country of Manufacture: West Germany
Year of Manufacture: 1950s
Serial Number: 
Condition: Good to Very Good​

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