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Typewriter Ribbon (Black) Universal

Typewriter Ribbon (Black) Universal

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Upgrade Your Typing Experience!

Introducing our extended-length ribbons for uninterrupted typing sessions. Get 3 Black/Red Ribbon Sets on Spools for the price of 2 and enjoy:

BUY 2 GET 1 FREE (Black Ribbon Only) *Add 3 total to your cart to activate the discount.

- 📏 Ribbons that are now 10 meters, not 6 meters long!
- 🔄 Built-in rivets for compatibility with ribbon auto-reverse mechanisms.
- 🌐 Universal spools, suitable for most typewriter models from 1920-1980.
- ⏰ 2-year shelf life, so they won't dry up if you don't use them immediately.

Compatible with brands like Royal, Smith Corona, Underwood, Hermes, Olivetti, and more. Please note: Some Olivetti, Smith-Corona Corsair, or Ghia machines may require modification; let us know, and we'll make it work for you.

Upgrade your typewriter ribbon experience and write your heart out! ✍️📜

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