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Royal Quiet Deluxe (Charcoal) Typewriter

Royal Quiet Deluxe (Charcoal) Typewriter

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Introducing the 1950's Royal Quiet Deluxe Typewriter in Charcoal Gray – a timeless classic that has charmed writers for generations. Crafted to perfection, this vintage gem isn't just a typewriter; it's a muse, an artifact, and a faithful companion to those who cherish the art of writing.

Picture yourself at your writing desk, fingers dancing on the keys, as you create literary masterpieces with the Royal Quiet Deluxe. This iconic typewriter captures the spirit of a bygone era, where words flowed onto paper with grace and precision.

What sets the Royal Quiet Deluxe apart is its Magic Margin feature. This innovation from the 1950s allows you to effortlessly set your margins with a flick of the lever. It's as if the typewriter itself knows when to stop, leaving you more time to focus on your creative process. This, combined with the soothing clack of the keys, creates an immersive writing experience like no other.

The Charcoal Gray finish adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace. It's more than just a typewriter; it's a statement piece that reflects your commitment to the craft of writing. The timeless design and solid construction of the Royal Quiet Deluxe ensure that it will inspire writers for generations to come.

Its portable and compact design means you can take your creative muse with you wherever you go. Whether you're working on your novel, composing poetry, or crafting a heartfelt letter, this typewriter is the perfect tool for any writer who seeks authenticity and inspiration.

In the world of modern technology, the Royal Quiet Deluxe brings you back to the fundamentals of writing. It allows you to savor each keystroke, to cherish the tangible result of your efforts, and to connect with the writers of the past who created literary classics with similar machines.

The Royal Quiet Deluxe Typewriter in Charcoal Gray is not just a writing instrument; it's a window to the past, a source of inspiration, and a tool that will help you channel your creativity with unparalleled elegance. Elevate your writing experience and add a touch of vintage charm to your craft with this remarkable piece of history.

Make: Royal
Model: Quiet Deluxe
Country of Manufacture: USA
Year of Manufacture: 1950's
Serial Number: 
Condition: Good to Very Good

Features & Functions: Basket Shift, Touch Control, Magic Margins, Carriage Return, Line Spacing, Tabulation, Backspace, Ribbon Color Selector, Paper Feed Knobs, Margin Release, Paper Release Lever, Paper Support or Rollers, Platen Knobs, Carriage Lock, Bell or Margin Warning.​
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