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Corona Flat Top Typewriter

Corona Flat Top Typewriter

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The Corona Flat Top, a beloved relic from the 1940s, stands as a remarkable testament to the golden age of typewriters. With its timeless design and a touch of cinematic history, this vintage writing machine has captured the hearts of typewriter enthusiasts and movie aficionados alike.

  • Brand: Corona
  • Model: Flat Top
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Year of Manufacture: 1940s
  • Serial Number: XXXXXXXX
  • Color: Gray Crinkle
  • Includes Case: No
  • Ribbon Type: Single Colour Universal
  • Condition: Very Good

Step into the enchanting world of vintage craftsmanship with the Corona Flat Top typewriter. Hailing from the 1940s, this classic writing instrument is a symbol of enduring elegance and the art of storytelling. With its unique square-lined design, this typewriter is not only a functional masterpiece but a piece of history in itself.

The 1940s were a time when precision and design converged, giving birth to timeless icons. The Corona Flat Top typewriter embodies the essence of this era, with its sleek lines, round keys, and a charming colour palette that exudes an air of vintage sophistication. Each keystroke resonates with a satisfying click, turning the act of writing into a sensory experience, where each letter carries a weight of significance.

This Corona Flat Top typewriter has left an indelible mark in the world of cinema, making a notable appearance in the movie "Middle School." It is part of cinematic history, a symbol of nostalgia and storytelling, inviting writers and film enthusiasts to revel in its charm.

The Corona Flat Top typewriter boasts a set of features that enhance the writing experience. With adjustable margin settings, colour selector options, and precise line spacing, it ensures that your words find their place on paper with unparalleled clarity and elegance. The carriage return, a gentle motion, guides you to the next line, encouraging you to embark on a new chapter in your creative journey.

Whether you're a typewriter collector, a writer seeking inspiration, or a movie enthusiast, the Corona Flat Top typewriter is a treasure worth cherishing. Its unique design, historical significance, and cinematic presence make it a prized possession, a piece of nostalgia that brings history and creativity to life.

The Corona Flat Top typewriter from the 1940s is not just a writing instrument; it's a time machine that transports you to an era when the act of writing was a deliberate craft, and each keystroke was a brushstroke on the canvas of storytelling. Welcome to a world where your words are penned with meaning, guided by the timeless charm of the Corona Flat Top typewriter.​

Additional Notations: This typewriter was used in a movie called 'Middle School' and comes with the certificate of authenticity. No case. Sorry.

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